Ceramic Coatings

Car Rims

What is a ceramic coat?

Ceramic coating your car is the application of an extremely thin layer glass to the paintwork of your vehicle. This  coating is harder than the paint on your vehicle, which is why it helps protect it from swirl marks and other light scratches. The reflective attributes of glass increase the appearance extensively. 

What is included in Ceramic Coat?

Our ceramic coating process is extensive and takes 2 days to complete, but the results are so worth it!

  • Tar Remover
  • Alloy Deep Clean
  • Fallout Remover
  • Clay Bar
  • Scratches removed*
  • Paintwork Degreased
  • Two Layers of Ceramic
  • One Cure Coat
  • Glass Polished
  • Rain X
  • Interior Clean
  • Interior Stain Guard
  • Alloys Ceramic Coated
  • Gyeon Sticker 
  • Free First Wash**
  • Gyeon top up used with each regular valet or detail after.

*Light scratches and swirl marks removed, damaged that has reached the primer coat will be improved but not fixed completely. 

** First wash must be within 4 weeks

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Why Gyeon?

Gyeon just like K-Three is passionate about car care, they create exceptional products that can be relied upon time and again to create a flawless finish.

We love how you can build up layers on their ceramic coating to increase durability and the glossiness, application can be done in cold and hot conditions as long as you are under cover which with our double gazebo set up we can accomplish anywhere there is enough space to park two cars!

How much will it cost?


SMALL  £359.99


LARGE  £499.99

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