Wash & Wax

Snowy road by night

Getting winter ready

Often winter ready means putting spades and spare fuel in your boot along with nanna's blanket to stave off the cold incase of a breakdown. 

That is a great idea for something that 'could' happen, something that 'will' happen is roads will get gritted and harsh weather will not go easy on your vehicles paint work.


adding a coating to your car such as a wax will not only improve the look of the vehicle but will act as a layer to repel dirt, salt, muddy water and other debris. This will keep your car cleaner for longer and help to maintain your paintwork in prime condition. 

What is included in My valet?

  • Tar Remover
  • Glass Polish 
  • Long Life Tyre Shine
  • Level 1 - Rinse Wax              £19.99
  • Level 2 - Carnauba Wax    £26.99
  • Level 3 - Ceramic Spray    £32.99

Peace of Mind

Ash is a time served master detailer who has been valeting and detailing for over 13 years, joined by wife Lydia who excels in getting vehicle interiors looking amazing again.

K-Three only uses the very best cleaning chemicals, tools and products from Meguiar's, Chemical Guys, Koch, Swissvax & Gyeon.

Years in the automotive trade have helped to build a comprehensive knowledge of detailing skills that equip us to care for your vehicle to the highest standards, we take great pride in our work and that shows in the final product. 

How long will it last?


Rinse Wax


Ceramic Spray

<1 month

Rinse wax is a liquid applied to the last stage of a wash before drying the car, it leaves a slight hydrophobic layer which repels water and a glossy shine. 

2-3 months

Carnauba is a natural polish that isn't just used on cars. It has been around for 100s of years in various formats, our quality Carnauba wax can last for months at a time with regular maintenance and helps to stop UV damage and deepens the lustre of your paint. 

3+ months

Ceramic spray coatings are a new addition to the car detailing market and give some incredible results, the gloss is turned up to 11 and the beading ability is 2nd too non. Most products claim a 6-12 month life span but in our experience it is closer to half what is stated but it will give you the best looking results. 

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